Omron Industrial Automation rotary encoders are used to measure the number of rotations, the rotational angle, and the rotational position. Adding to this, Linear Encoders are also available to measure linear movement. 

A rotary encoder is a sensor that detects the position and speed by converting the rotational mechanical displacement into electrical signals and processing those signals. Sensors that detect mechanical displacement for straight lines are referred to as Linear Encoders.

Discover our range of OMRON incremental encoders, with ranges from E6A2-C, E6B2-C, E6C2-C / E6C3-C, E6F-A, and E6H-C. This type of encoder outputs a pulse string in response to the amount of rotational displacement of the shaft. 

In addition, discover OMRON Absolute encoders such as the E6CP-A series which provides an output in parallel to the rotation angle as an Absolute value in 2n code.

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