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Eaton NZM Circuit Breaker  

Reduce installation cost combined with integrated safety technology.

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Added 20/06/24

AS SNAP IN Terminal

Say goodbye to time-consuming installation and maintenance work with SNAP IN.

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Added 13/06/24

Climate Control Solutions

How do you find the appropriate climate control solutions - With Rittal

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Added 30/05/23

Climate Control Solutions

Why you need to recheck your IT Cooling solutions within the summer months.

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Added 30/05/23

Climate Control Solutions

Add marketing-leading climate control solutions to keep your applications cool.

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Added 30/05/23

LUTZE Ethernet Kits

LUTZE ethernet kits find everything you need for your control cabinets to ensure connectivity is efficient.

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Added 23/05/23

RST 56 Signal Tower

Designed with an impressive modern & sleek appearance. RST 56 provides outstanding performance.

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Added 16/05/24

E2E Proximity Sensors

Offering exceptional sensing range equipped with IoT features to prevent stoppage & downtime.

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Added 09/05/24

Cembre Marking Systems

Ensure maximum safety and compliance in your food, pharmaceutical, or cosmetic production.

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Added 02/05/24

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM delivers Safety & Security in one unified system securing your machines.

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Added 25/04/24

Multipole Connectors, Plugs & Sockets 

Wide range of indutstrial multipole connectors which are perfect for any situation.

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Added 11/04/24

ABB AF 3-Pole Contactor  

The AF Series technology is an established benchmark for motor protection.

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Added 04/04/24
Eaton EasyE4

Eaton easyE4 Series

Programmable control relays for a fast, easy and user-friendly solution.

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Added 28/03//23

TeSys Island

A innovative digitized motor starter that makes machines smarter & more reliable.

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Added 11/03/24

WERMA eSIGN Signal Tower

Signal technology as you've never seen it before! Light in new dimensions.  

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Added 07/03/24

Lutze Locc Box

First choice for circuit protection that guarantees factory uptime.

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Added 29/02/23

Outdoor Solutions
Outdoor Enclosures meet smart Climate Control with Rittal. The right solution for every environment.

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Added 22/02/24

PILZ Safety Light Curtains

Safety Light Curtains are designed to ensure safe intervention in the production process.

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Added 15/02/24

PULS DIN Rail Power Supplies

Specialist in DIN rail power supplies offering lower operation costs in a compact design.

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Added 08/02/24

nVent Hoffman Auotmotive

Keep Automotive automation processes flowing, and your people and equipment protected

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Added 01/02/24

OMRON NX1P Controller

Increase your productivity with OMRON NX1P Machine Controller!

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Added 25/01/24

nVent Eriflex FleXbus

One of a kind conductor connector solution that will cut your installation time in half.

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Added 19/01/24

Food & Beverage Solutions

Food safety, hygiene, aand diigitisation with Rittal.

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Added 19/01/24


The VARITECTOR emerges as a robust and versatile solution safeguarding power distribution systems

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Added 04/01/2024
Eaton DM1 Frequency Drives

Eaton PowerXL DM1 Variable Frequency Drives

A compact design that can be used whereever space is limited

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Added 09/11/22

PILZ Wind Energy Solutions

Keep your wind turbines safe and running smoothly with PILZ solutions!

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Added 02/11/23

OMRON M1 Inverter

A new integrated global AC Drive solution that has been designed to deliver more flexibility and efficiency. 

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Added 12/10/23

Food & Beverage Solutions

Explore nVent Hoffman food and beverage solutions and how important it is in choosing the right protection.

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Added 05/10/23

Schneider Electric Harmony XB Series

The Future of Pushbutton Technology!

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Added 14/09/22

PULS Redundancy Modules

Modules avaliable with efficient MOSFET or DIODE Technology.

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Added 14/09/22


The quick and easy way to create the perfect signalling solutions.

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Added 14/09/22

Cable Management Solutions

Discover the importances of effective cable management within your applications.  

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Added 16/02/22

Rittal Outdoor Solutions

Choosing the right outdoor enclosure for your environment.

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Added  03/02/23


The PNOZmulti 2 is a modular, configurable safety controller that can be used in a wide range of machines and applications.

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Added 24/08/23

Weidmuller Summer Tool Promotion

Discover Weidmuller Summer tool promotion to help reduce installation downtime.  

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Added 10/08/23

Food and Beverage Solutions

Discover MARECHAL ELECTRIC industrial power sockets adapted for the food industry.

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Added 27/07/23

Marechal EVO Switch Disconnector

The first ever separable disconnector switch with a ‘Twist & Switch’ design.

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Added 27/07/23

ABB Surge Protection Device

Protect your electronic equipment from transient overvoltages with the ESP M1R Series.

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Added 27/07/23

PULS DIN Rail Power Supplies

PULS DIN rail power supplies are optimised for the highest possible level of efficiency.

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Added 20/07/23

Rittal Energy Solutions

Climate change is a global emergency. Get the eergy transition done wiith Rittal!

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Added 03/07/23

Irinox Terminals & Pushbutton boxes

Implementing Irinox stainless-steel enclosures within your food and beverage applications

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Added 03/07/23

Weidmuller Workplace Solutions

Weidmuller tools, automatic machines, and wire-end ferrules are UL-certified for safe, standard-compliant.
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Added 29/06/23

LAPP Multicore Cable

Lapp is the leading provider of cables, leads, cable accessories, and systems of the highest level of quality.

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Added 08/06/23
cembre mg4


The newest solution for identification and labelling requirements. 

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Added 31/5/23

OMRON MX2 Inverter

Born to drive machines, this is developed to harmonise advanced motor and machine control.

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Added 18/05//23

ABB Motor starting solutions

Save time costs with ABB and their Push-In Spring Motor Starting Solutions.

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Added 06/04/23

PILZ myPNOZ Safety Relay.

An innovative solution that allows you to tailor to the needs of your application.

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Added 16/03/23

Energy Saving & Inverter Drives

Are you looking to help save on your energy cost long term?

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Added 08/02/22

Predictive Maintenance 

How you can transform your Maintenance Strategy with Omron Automation.  

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Added  25/11/22

Hygienic Design Enclosure

The ultimate solutions where cleaniess and sanitation are the top priority.

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Added 20/10/22

Weidmuller PROeco

This low-cost power supply promises above-average performance levels.

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Added 11/08/22

Klauke Industrial Tools

Klauke newest product release and their most popular tools, all available to order.

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Added 04/08/22

Omron Safety Light Curtains

The best ever ALL in ONE Line-Up Safety Light Curtain Series F3SG-SR/PG

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Added 28/07/22
ss cover

Stainless-Steel Enclosures

Beat your competition with Rittal Stainless Steel enclosures & terminal boxes

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Added 21/07/22

Control Techniques Commander C

The 6th Gen of excellence in motor control.

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Added 07/07/22

Control Techniques Commander S

The first drive to feature an interface app as standard.

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Added 07/07/22

Mersen Surge Protection Devices

A global leader in overvoltage protection devices.

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Added 30/06/22

Rittal VX IT System

VX IT rack system sets the tone for new and future-proofed IT and OT infrastructure.

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Added 14/06/22
Schneider XB5

Schneider XB5 Push Button 

Improve the reliability of panels, machines, and processes with the XB5 Push button.

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Added 07/06//22
Schneider XB4

Schneider XB4 Push Button

The XB4 push-button combines the simplicity of installation, flexibility, and robustness.

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Added 07/06//22
Eaton DIL

Eaton DIL Push IN

Wiring has never been more efficient with Eaton's DIL Contactor range.

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Added 26/05//22
Rittal Ax

Rittal AX Plastic Enclosures

Plastic enclosures ideal for outdoor applications, with or without window.

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Added 17/04/22
Finder 7T

Finder 7T Series Thermostats

Help improve component reliability through its enhanced temperature control setings.

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Added 26/05//22
Omron E3AS

Omron E3AS Photoelectric Sensors

The new E3AS sensor series changes the way you use reflective photoelectric sensors.

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Added 17/03/22</di