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plug-in screw connector - for XPSMC32Z configurable safety controller. Label: Preventa XPS MP, XPS MC, XPS MCM - range of product: Preventa Safety automation - accessory / separate part designation: plug-in screw connector - accessory / separate part type: screw connector - accessory / separate part category: connection accessories - product compatibility: XPSMC32Z,XPSMC32ZC,XPSMC32ZP - accessory / separate part destination: configurable safety controller - Range Presentation: Schneider Electric is the provider of the complete safety chain covering all the safety functionality and scalability you need for your machine to improve efficiency and profitability. Preventa offers an extensive range of safety products, compliant with international standards, designed to provide the most comprehensive protection for personnel and equipment.Safety controller modules Preventa XPS MP are designed for a Performance Level of up to PL e/Category 4 conforming to standard EN ISO 13849-1. They enable two independent safety functions (selected from a choice of 15 pre-defined configurations) to be performed using the same product. Configuration selection is easily made using 3 buttons on the front face of the module.Configurable safety controller Preventa XPS MC is designed to provide a solution for safety applications requiring conformity to Performance Level PL e/Category 4 EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL3 EN/IEC 61508. The configurable controller consists of 6 variants with 16 or 32 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs (6 solid state, 2 category 4 relays) and communication possibilities of Modbus RTL Serial, Modbus RTL Serial and Profibus DP, Modbus RTU Serial and CANopen. The safety controller Preventa XPS MC is configured with a simple software environment where functions are mapped to the various controller outputs according to the application requirements.Modular safety controller Preventa XPS MCM is designed to provide a solution for safety applications requiring conformity to Performance Level PL e/Category 4 EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL3 EN/IEC 61508. The modular and configurable safety controller is able to monitor multiple safety functions on and around a machine protecting operators from accessing dangerous moving parts of the machine. The controller consists of 8 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and is expandible up to 128 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs (relay or solid state). Up to 8 axis for measurement of maximum speed, speed range, zero speed and direction by proximity sensors or encoders can be managed. The controller can be expanded directly on its' backplane bus and as well via the safe expansion bus of up to 6 islands and 50 meters between islands.These safety controller are designed for monitoring multiple safety functions such as:
- Emergency stop - Guard monitoring - Perimeter guarding - Position monitoring - Speed monitoring - Enabling movement The Preventa range is part of MachineStruxure. The NEXT generation of MachineStruxure(TM) from Schneider Electric is an intuitive solution for machine automation with all the features and functions you need to build machines that will improve your bottom line. From design and development, to commissioning and maintenance, MachineStruxure is a complete machine building solution with benefits all through the machine life cycle. Schneider Electric - the provider of the complete safety chain powered by Preventa technology helping you simply to reach the right level of safety for your machine! - Range Benefits: Select always the best safety function for your machineReduce time-to-market
- Offers designed specifically meeting the 6 safety functions required on your machine Increase profitability
- Safety designed from standalone components to embedded safety network solutions Improve efficiency
- One partner for the complete safety chain covering the complete range of safety functions Simplify integration & maintenance
- Wide range of connections for machine controllers - Expertise

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