Omron E2E Sensors

Omron's new E2E Next Inductive Sensors promises an exceptional sensing range allowing you to standardise your design with a single one-sized model.

This easy design sensor has a sensing range of up to 9mm (M12) and has a longer detection range compared to previous models allowing for more spacious designs with less risk of contact.  This lets you to standardise your designs by lettings you adopt a single one-sized model instead of multiple models of different sizes.


Omron E2E Sensors Key Features

  • The world's longest sensing distance
  • With high-brightness LED, the indicator is visible anywhere from 360°.
  • Only 10 Seconds to Replace a Proximity Sensor with the "e-jig" (Mounting Sleeve).
  • Cables with enhanced oil resistance enabled 2-year oil resistance
  • IP69K compliant for water resistance and wash resistance
  • Comes in a wide variation to make sensor selection easy
  • UL and CSA certification

Omron E2E Comparison Chart

 E2E Sensors Replace E2A 

The E2A were discontinued from March 2022, the E2E is the perfect replacement.
The E2E Next Series has multiple technical advantages and a wider product range with multiple new options. To find out the best replacement for your E2A, click here >>>


For more information on the Omron E2E NEXT Sensors, contact your local branch.