Weidmuller control cabinet terminals for DIN rails – save time during the planning and project planning and achieve faultless wiring and identification.

Terminal blocks for DIN rails: Klippon® Connect is a pioneering solution for connectivity.

The demands of Industry 4.0, with its increasingly intricate production processes and technological advancements, necessitate novel solutions for efficient control panel building, including terminal blocks. Klippon® Connect offers a comprehensive answer to current and future challenges. Its tailored application of DIN rail products, universal DIN rail terminal blocks, and process-supporting services ensure the perfect fit for any control panel concept.

Weidmuller Terminal blocks for DIN rail are crucial components in various industries. The specific design, colour, and accessories required depend on several factors. These factors include the size and type of wire, the wiring configuration, the desired connection technology, and any special functionalities needed. Ultimately, the user is best suited to determine the most appropriate terminal block for their application.

Weidmuller offers shortcuts to guides on their connection technologies and product ranges to simplify the selection process for users and ensure they find the most suitable terminal blocks and accompanying products.

Connection technology of Weidmuller terminal blocks

Whether you are looking for the right connection technology for your control or switchgear applications Weidmuller modular terminal blocks are the right solution for you. Offering technology solutions for safety connectors wires, conductors, and cables for switchgear applications.

Innovative solutions from Weidmuller include SNAP IN technology that provides a direct connection for flexible conductors and wire-end ferrules. Or you can rely on Weidmuller's proven screw connection in screw terminals.

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Innovative solutions that will take your wiring processes to a whole new level

Weidmuller Push In solutions increases efficiency in installation without compromising on safety.

Universal connect system for all common conductor connection types.







Weidmuller Screw in Solution is a patented clamping yoke technology ensures the ultimate in contact safety

Established, robust connection alternative for particualy harsh environments.



Application range of terminal blocks

A wide range of applications utilize terminal blocks. These applications encompass various needs, from custom-fit solutions to specific functionalities. Terminal block selection can be facilitated by considering factors such as mounting style (e.g., DIN rail) and connection technology. Additionally, specific requirements exist depending on the intended use case. Fortunately, a comprehensive selection of terminal blocks is available to address these diverse application areas.

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Power Feed-In

An efficient and space-saving way to supply power to switchgear and panels

Power Distribution

The comprehensive product range ensures excellent flexibility, including the planning stages

Control voltage distribution

Tailored potential distribution terminal block for easy

Instrument transformer wiring

Modular test-disconnect terminal blocks for easy wiring and reliable operation.

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Signal Wiring

Tailored application products with all benefits required for structured wiring of initiator and actor signals.

Field Marshalling

Modular terminal blocks for signal marshaling for extremely compact yet clear panel design.

Shielding and earthing

Reliable protection of personnel, machines, and plants.

Building installation wiring

Modular terminal blocks for the requirement of building industry.


Rescources for Weidmuller terminal blocks

Klippon® Connect SNAP IN Terminal Blocks - The worldwide novelty from the pioneer of connectivity.

 The AS series enables flexible conductors without ferrules to be wired quickly, easily, and without tools. The conductors are simply inserted into the connection point and the mechanism snaps shut with an audible click.

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