In the most recent years, we have seen the industrial industry transform into the digital era, and digitalization demands growing continuously.

This has seen Rittal create the VXIT rack, the newly designed racks, and accessories, that can make ordering and configuring racks, a simple and efficient process.

Rittal's VX IT - The World's Fastest IT Rack!

The new VX IT is based on a modular concept with a customer-friendly configurator to guide you quickly and easily to a solution that is tailored to individual requirements.

Rittal has created an innovative IT system that is a universal and modular solution for the industrial industry, that can be used as a network and server for enclosures, in a variety of applications.

The new VX IT rack system sets the tone for rapid new and future-proofed IT and OT infrastructure.

Rittal VX IT is a solution for all networks and server applications, whether you need a network rack to house a distribution board or server rack, colocation, or data centre.

In addition to this, VX IT is the ideal platform for accommodating a modern IT infrastructure, with its various requirements. Rittal VX IT variants are designed with the configurator, that’s tested and certified with all its components in accordance with international standards such as UL 2416, IEC 60950, and IEC 62368

Rittal VX IT system has various features, that can save valuable time in the planning, and procurement phase, whilst ensuring all components work efficiently together.

  • Fast and efficient ordering processes
  • Maximum compatibility and future-proofed technology
  • Rapid tool-free assembly
  • Load capacity up to 1,800kg
  • Security and ease of use

Rittal VX IT Conversion Tool

Rittal has created a conversion tool that makes it convenient for you to switch from the tried-and-trusted Rittal S IT to the new improved successor, the new VX IT.

The conversion tool helps you to find the TS-based item and converts them to the new VX-based components.

Rittal VX IT conversion tool is quick and easy, simply search for the TS model number or names. The conversion only applies to the VX IT range of racks.

You can find more information about Rittal Conversion Tool here >>>

For all enquires regarding the Rittal VX25 IT system please contact your local branch.