Omron Industrial Automation NX1P machine automation controller completes the NX/NJ controllers family offering the same functionality in a compact design. A machine automation controller in basic terms is any information technology that controls machinery. Within today's modern technology, a machine functions with some form of computer control. In many cases, this is also integrated with business systems that provide control inputs.

OMRON NX1P brings advanced control to compact machines allowing you to boost productivity and improve quality. The NX1P Machine Controller is part of the Omron Sysmac Machine Control portfolio and promises to increase machine performance without compromising on quality.

This has faster adaptability and will ensure you get results quickly through the use of an intuitive Integrated Development Environment.NX1P compact machine controller completes the Sysmac machine controller family offering the same functionality as the modular NX controllers just in a small and compact design. This controller integrates the same functions from the Sysmac platform including its built-in EtherCAT port for real-time control and built-in Ethernet port for standard factory network connections.

The NX1P helps you achieve efficient manufacturing meaning your application will perform faster with higher quality and maximise machine uptime. This intelligent machine controller not only controls machine sequence but also provides the required functionality to allow for efficient production.

OEMs and manufacturers today need to manage the total cost and profits throughout the lifecycle of their machines. They require connected solutions to fulfill Industry 4.0 requirements, with easy-to-use software to reduce development time, scalability, and backward compatibility for maintenance, as well as the ability to support flexible production with fast-changing trends.

The NX1P2 family with built-in Ethernet IP and EtherCAT interface offers condition monitoring for predictive maintenance, a perfect sealing filter for thermoforming machines, KPI production measurement, as well as supporting automation for mobile robots.

1. Ensure quality with traceability

  • Ethernet IP, EtherCAT (8 nodes), and IO-Link for a direct connection to advanced machine vision systems for accurate identification, inspection, and verification
  • Synchronous data enables the monitoring of all parameters simultaneously.
  • Serial communication collects data from serial devices.
  • FTP and MQTT protocols enable cloud connectivity.

2. Operational excellence through predictive maintenance

  • Dedicated Sysmac Library for condition monitoring and key asset devices monitoring.
  • High-speed analog input for environmental monitoring
  • Continuous edge monitoring of key assets enables measuring machine efficiency and enables preventive and predictive maintenance.

3. Flexible production and fast changeovers

  • Flexible motion functions and IO-Link connectivity
  • Synchronous motion control and PTP over EtherCAT
  • IO-Link for sensor connectivity for dynamic configuration
  • FTP access for remote configuration of production recipes

4. Time to market reduction

  • Reduced time and cost for wiring, installing, and programming.
  • Innovative Sysmac libraries to support various applications such as sealing, weighting, measuring, and winding/unwinding.
  • Programming modularity and scalability
  • Network connectivity with one Ethernet cable to connect multiple devices.
  • Integrated software with simulation
  • Time-saving with Push-In Plus wiring technology.
  • Back up, restore, and verify data in the controller with an SD card.


Sysmac Studio

The Sysmac Studio integrates programming, configuration, and monitoring of the complete system. This Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has been designed toomron-nx1p-2 be your automation companion for your machines or system’s entire life cycle.

With systems and applications evolving into more modular designs where hardware and code become components, the Sysmac Studio helps them to be easily incorporated and maintained. The Sysmac Studio software assists with:

Minimise installation times.

  • One software to integrate.
  • Simulate your application before build.
  • Create modular and flexible designs.

Reduce installation costs.

  • Integrated advanced (yet easy) commissioning tools.
  • Sysmac troubleshoot.
  • Multi-user functions
  • Multiple configurations

Boost productivity

  • Handle OEE data with vertical and horizontal integration
  • Improve machine uptime.
  • Adheres to all current standards and is aligned with the latest technologies.
  • Easy to use interface.




NX1P Brochure | SYSMAC Brochure

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