As the tides of global change push towards sustainability, the UK's automotive industry, a £14.1 billion titan of the national economy, finds itself a fundamental sector. While its engines have long powered the nation's economic engine, the roar of innovation now echoes with a new imperative: embracing renewable energy and charting a course toward a greener future.

This growing movement is fueled by a group of pioneering minds, from engineers shaping sleek, sustainable vehicles to researchers crafting high-voltage batteries and developers weaving networks of charging stations. Tire manufacturers, too, are stepping onto the eco-conscious track, rolling out innovations in eco-friendly rubber.

Amidst this dynamic landscape, automotive manufacturers face a challenge both navigating the shift towards electrification while maintaining operational efficiency and safeguarding personnel. This is where nVent HOFFMAN emerges as a crucial partner, wielding industry-leading expertise in electrical enclosures, climate control, and panel shop automation.

Flexible, progressive solutions for evolving demands.



Driven by surging consumer demand, government tailwinds of incentives, and a tidal wave of advanced technologies, electric vehicles and cutting-edge automotive solutions are no longer the future – they're the present. Automakers across the globe, from United States, the European Union and other major markets around the world, find themselves at a crossroads: adapt This presents a pivotal opportunity not just to redefine legacy revenue streams and add capacity for next-gen vehicles, but to fundamentally reimagine their very existence. The race is on, and only those who streamline processes, embrace efficiency, and champion repeatability will claim the checkered flag.

From raw materials to roaring engines, crafting tires for diverse vehicles demands mastery and precision. But the journey doesn't end there. Harsh environments lurk around every corner, threatening your equipment with corrosion, dust infiltration, and temperature extremes. These aren't mere inconveniences; they're disruptions waiting to cripple your operations and endanger personnel. The right electrical enclosure and climate control, however, become your shield, deflecting these threats and keeping your production line humming.



Electric vehicles are roaring onto the scene, but are we ready to refuel their revolution? The growth of commercial fleets and consumer demand hinges on robust DC fast charging infrastructure. This is a golden opportunity for OEMs to steer the future of mobility by delivering efficient, cost-effective charging solutions. The faster you build them, the faster you'll secure your place in this electrifying race.

Behind the sleek lines of tomorrow's electric vehicles, a revolution is brewing. Engineering minds are weaving intricate automation systems, meticulously factoring in weight, temperature, and even towing capacity, all to craft the perfect battery-fueling ecosystem.



Keep Automotive automation processes flowing, and your people and equipment protected.

As a leading global brand, nVent provides a comprehensive and unparalleled range of IEC and NEMA electrical enclosures and accessories, catering to diverse application needs worldwide. nVent Hoffman's focus on innovative, modular IEC solutions simplifies the specification and installation process. Interchangeable accessories and tool-free assembly expedite project timelines, while globally standardized part numbers streamline ordering and inventory management.

Boasting over 12,000+ standard products, nVent offers an expansive portfolio of stainless steel and mild steel enclosure solutions, meticulously engineered for optimal electrical safety. From inventive enclosures for electrical and electronic components to specialized heating systems for exhaust management and temperature control solutions for sensitive liquids, nVent delivers industry-leading expertise to ensure the seamless flow of your processes and the unwavering protection of your personnel and equipment.


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