climate control
 As the temperature heats up – so do your components.

Are you looking for cost-effective ways to ensure your components are performing at their optimal levels when we reach hot temperatures? Prolonged high internal temperatures reduce the lifespan of your equipment which could mean an increased chance of unplanned breakdowns, increased costs, and reduced production output.

Within today’s industrial environment, control components are becoming more compact and smaller, therefore allowing smaller cabinets to withhold more components which generate more heat within the cabinet.

As summer is fast approaching, and weather temperatures are rising, cooling has never been so crucial, this helps to prevent components to overheat. Ensure your applications are cool with market-leading climate control solutions that can reduce the risk, including fans and filters, thermostats, cooling units, and heat distributors.

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Temperature control is highly important in various environments such as industrial, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical, as maintaining conditions.

Thermostats are an ideal climate control device that is used to maintain a system’s desired temperature.

Keep your components cool with ease, with climate control solutions from Finder. The 7T series thermostat and the 1C series programmable room thermostat from Finder, help improve component reliability through their enhanced temperature control settings and can prolong the product life cycle.

Finder 7T thermostats can be used for many applications including industrial refrigeration, panels for electrical distribution, control panels, industrial furnaces, and ovens.

Fans & Filters

rittal-fans-filters  Fans and filters have an essential role to keep electronics cool within an industrial enclosure, that are exposed to high degrees of heat, humidity, and dust or dirt, this can affect the product life cycle.

 Overall fans and filters are simple but effective designs to help keep an enclosure cool, not to forget the ease of use and installation. Rittal fans and filter units are a perfect solution to keep the enclosure cool, which is a tool-free installation on surfaces. 

 Rittal fans and filter units within enclosures help expel or extract heat, with the air throughput from 10 ³/h - 900 m³/h. Rittal fans and filters are cost-effective regarding initial/acquisition and operating costs.

Rittal Blue E+ S Cooling

Rittal Blue e+ S cooling units are the world’s most efficient cooling units that can help reduce the carbon footprint of your machines and systems, with an average saving of 75.  The new Blue e+ S cooling units are available in a range of output categories 300 W | 500 W | 1000 W.  

Resulting in reducing the global warming potential rating by 56%, and guarantees a longer service life for installed components, and global usability, and industry 4.0 Capabilities.

The Rittal Blue e+ S cooling units have many beneficial features such as efficient, sustainable, flexible, reliable, and easy installation that is an ideal solution
for many applicants and meets various requirements.

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                                                                                                                  Lutze Air Stream

airstreamLutze AirSTREAM and AirSTREAM Compact are the ideal solutions for distributing heat and dissipation inside the control cabinet. The AirSTREAM is a great benefit to your application as this prolongs the life of components and reduces the risk of machine failure. 

Adding to this, Lutze AirSTREAM and AirSTREAM transform planning and assembly processes, with a more flexible design in terms of configuration and wiring.

The AirSTREAM Compact is the perfect solution for smaller enclosures and slimline cabinets this is because of its flexible design which generates more space and helps to reduce installation time and can be easily wired from the front.

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