Eaton’s low and medium-voltage circuit breakers provide premium protection against overheating wires, overloads, and short circuits in residential, commercial, industrial, and hazardous area environments.

Eaton’s new NZM Circuit Protection Generation provides Connectivity and reduced installation costs combined with integrated Safety technology.

Eaton's new global digital NZM Series fits within the modern energy distribution systems. eaton-nzm-predictive
The NZM Circuit Breaker series is suitable for universal use, from small distribution boards to machine controls and motor-starter combinations, to your large complex power distribution systems.This is due to its reliable connectivity and enhanced features, making this  series ready for Industry 4.0 applications. 

Digital, networked circuit breakers are not only beneficial for operational efficiency but they can also be used to support preventive maintenance. They provide valuable information that can be used to determine maintenance cycles and replacement intervals for both the devices themselves
and larger system components.

Digital NZM circuit breakers for better performance: improving the availability of machines and systems

Device failure frequently results in unplanned downtime, for example, if it cannot be determined whether a circuit breaker can still be used after a short-circuit incident. The NZM digital circuit breakers reliably predict the remaining service life of the switch contacts at all times. The result: A significant reduction in servicing and equipment costs thanks to predictive maintenance, as well as longer run times of the equipment in question. 

Device failure is a major problem for businesses of all sizes. It can lead to unplanned downtime, lost productivity, and financial losses. In some cases, it can even be dangerous.


Using the NZM circuit breakers to prolong machine run times!

The NZM digital circuit breaker is a revolutionary new product that can help you prevent device failure and prolong machine run times. The NZM circuit breaker uses advanced technology to predict the remaining service life of the switch contacts at all times. This means you can take action to prevent device failure before it happens, avoiding costly repairs and downtime.

Designed for use in machinery applications 

Implement Eaton Digital NZM Moulded Case Circuit Breaker for a safe working environment, The extensive range of accessories allows flexible adaptation to customer requirements, e.g. mounting location and terminal connection. Thanks to IEC and UL/CSA approvals, there is no restriction to worldwide applications. 

Core features

  • 100% compatible with existing systems - same footprint, performance is equal or better
  • IoT-ready with integrated communication capability and Class 1 energy metering
  • Integrated life-cycle Management provides predictive maintenance information
  • Safety above standard using Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance System™ and ZSI Zone-Selective-Interlocking
  • Enhanced performance with improved selectivity and new additional switching capacity variants (70 kA)
  • Improved handling using push-in terminals and more



Please contact your local branch today, if you require further information about Eaton Digital NZM Moulded Case Circuit Breaker. Alternatively, you can shop our extensive range of NMZ MCCBs and Accessories