abb-af-contactor-new-bannerABB is a pioneering technology leader in electrification products, robotics & motion, and industrial automation, serving customers in utilities, industry, transport, and infrastructure globally.

ABB continually innovates its comprehensive range of products, systems, and services that help improve energy efficiency, reliability, and productivity within many industries. Providing a wide range of low-voltage solutions to connect, protect, control, and measure a wide range of electrical devices.

ABB sets a new standard in motor control and power switching. The AF Series technology is no different, becoming an established benchmark for motor protection solutions. The electronically controlled coil offers a variety of benefits over conventional alternatives, and together with ABB’s wide product offers an optimal configuration, every time.

ABB sets a new standard in motor control and power switching.

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Access Global Support

ABB's contactor and motor protection solutions meet the requirements of all major national and international standards.

Furthermore, a single contactor coil now covers a wide voltage range of 100 V – 250 V, accommodating both AC and DC power. This versatility simplifies application across various regions, including Europe, Asia, and North America

Optimize Logistics

ABB's innovative contactor and motor protection range brings significant advantages in terms of both product variety and customer experience.

By offering just four contactor coils, we've dramatically reduced the total number of product variants by up to 90%.

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Simplify Design

AF technology revolutionizes contactor design, offering up to 80% lower coil energy consumption. This translates to smaller panels and more compact transformers, saving valuable space in your projects.


Secure Uptime

The ABB AF contactor is a revolutionary advancement in motor control and power switching, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in unstable networks. Voltage sags, dips, and surges are no match for the AF contactor, keeping your uptime and productivity at peak levels.

Secure uptime and optimize stocks with AF latest technology up to 2850 A

The AF contact range covers small motor starting solutions from 4 Kw/ 5 hp up to big power switching solutions. The contactor and motor protection range are a part of one of the widest product offerings.

This electronic system within the AF contactor rectifies the AC or DC control circuit voltage to a DC voltage that is applied to the coil. The AF contactor is safely operated in an always optimised condition making it virtually noise-free. Therefore, this makes ABB AF contactor a reliable motor protection solution in all networks.

ABB AF contactor complete product range, functionality is improved. Still, the total number of product variants compared to a conventional range is reduced by 90%. Only four coils are required to cover 24 V AC, 20 V DC – and 500 V AC/DC. With conventional contactor technology, different contactors were needed for different network voltages. Thanks to the wide operating range of the AF contactor, it can operate just as well in Europe as in Asia or North America.

Built-in surge suppression is the conventional contactor technology it is recommended to use an external surge suppressor, an accessory that could cost as much as half the contactor itself. With the AF technology, the surges are handled by the contactor itself and the surge never reaches the control circuit. Neither the surge suppressor nor the actual surge has to be considered anymore. One less product and one less complication to worry about.

Advanced but simple

The AF contactor is compact. The AF contactor is compact and has had its width reduced by up to 30% thanks to an 80% reduction in the coil ‘s energy consumption. abb-af-contactor-6

ABB AF contactor is flexible AF09...AF370 is perfect for motor starting applications and for solutions where space is limited. Interlocked reversing pairs require no spacing between contactors meaning you can fit more functionality into cabinets or other small enclosures.

Coil terminal access in the front. The AF contactor has its coil terminals accessible from the front. The cables or bars do not have to be disconnected to perform voltage measurement or servicing work.

More functionality without adding width. The AF116 ... AF2650 can take up to 2 side-mounted auxiliary contact blocks without adding to their width and are delivered with 1 N.O. + 1 N.C. as standard.

Mechanical Features

For contactors up to 96 A, a variety of accessories are available to enhance functionality and simplify connections. These accessories, including coil connection terminals, mechanical and electrical interlocks, and electronic timers, all feature a convenient snap-to-connect function. This eliminates the need for complex wiring and ensures fast, hassle-free installation.

Main features

  • Up to 560 kW - 400 V AC-3, 900 hp - 480 V and 2850 A - 690 V AC-1, 2850 A - general use
  • Only 4 coils cover 24 V - 500 V AC and 20 V - 500 V DC
  • Dedicated 24 V DC coil for direct control by PLC-output > 250 mA, low holding consumption up to 1.7 W
  • Screw, Push-in Spring, and ring tongue connection types.
  • Built-in surge suppression
  • Connection sets and interlock unit for reversing and star-delta starter for an easy, fast, and secure assembly of starters.
  • Mirror and mechanically linked contacts.

Please contact your local branch for more information regarding the AF Contactor range from ABB.