‘easy’ does it: Celebrating 25 years! 

eaton-easy-e4-web-3In 1998, Eaton revolutionized the control relay landscape with the introduction of the 'easy' compact control relay. This innovative product ushered in a new era, leaving behind the limitations of manual control, and introducing a wave of groundbreaking features, including Ethernet connections, unheard of at the time.

Since its introduction in 1998, the 'easy' control relay has undergone a remarkable evolution, solidifying its position as a leader in the market. This journey began with the easy400, and over the years, we've seen the introduction of advanced models like the easyE4.

Alongside these hardware advancements, continuous development of dedicated support software and accessories has ensured the 'easy' range remains at the forefront of the industry. This unwavering commitment to innovation is what keeps the 'easy' product line a trusted choice for professionals today.

The easyE4 control relay from Eaton's Moeller series is designed to simplify and streamline machine and system control across various applications.

This versatile device offers a powerful combination of features that make it ideal for both industrial and building automation tasks.


Here's what sets the easyE4 apart:

Unmatched Connectivity: The integrated Ethernet interface provides seamless communication and acts like a mini-PLC, allowing for easy integration with different devices and systems. Support for Modbus protocols further enhances communication capabilities.

Scalability and Flexibility: Expand your control system with up to 11 I/O modules (input/output), adapting to diverse application requirements. Additionally, the easyE4 supports a wide range of voltages (AC, DC, and UC) for broad compatibility.

Effortless Programming and Control: The intuitive easySoft software empowers users with a choice of four programming languages, catering to different skill levels.

Real-time Monitoring and Visualization: Monitor your system directly from mobile devices thanks to the integrated web server. Alternatively, connect the easyE4 to industrial displays for enhanced visualization options.

Future-proof Design: The easyE4 is equipped for the future, seamlessly integrating into IoT system architectures with its diverse functionalities.

The easyE4 goes beyond traditional control relays, offering a comprehensive solution for efficient and user-friendly control and monitoring. Its combination of features makes it a valuable asset for any project requiring reliable automation.

easyE4 programmable relays take the guesswork out of visualization with a variety of options to fit your unique needs. Whether you prefer direct access to the built-in display, a dedicated Eaton touch display, or on-the-go monitoring through your smartphone or tablet, the easyE4 has you covered.

The easyE4 isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Its diverse display options offer exceptional flexibility to present information in a way that perfectly aligns with your specific needs. easyE4 is not niche. Effortlessly control building lighting (like staircase timers), power automated assembly lines, manage pump systems, and much more. The possibilities are extensive.

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easy Remote Touch Display

easyE4 XV-102 touch display

Texts and data can be displayed on the 4.3-inch screen of the easy Remote Touch Display (RTD) via a plug-and-play solution, without any programming. Together with a setup wizard, this function saves time during commissioning, as the easy Remote Touch Display can be quickly and easily installed.


As the XV-102 touch display supports the implementation of customized user interfaces, it enables even more flexible program visualizations. Eaton Galileo- software, simplifies design and commissioning and ensures simple and fast project planning.


easyE4 Control Relay – ‘easy’ Remote Touch Displayeaton-easy-e4-web-5

The Eaton ‘easy’ Remote Touch Display (RTD) is a cost-effective visualisation solution for the easyE4 control relay. The contents of the integrated display in the easyE4 base device are replicated in colour on the 4.3-inch display.

The Eaton RTD can be installed in the control cabinet door or directly on the system itself. This RTD offers a convenient display solution for outside the control cabinet thank to its IP65 protection rating meaning it will withstand environments where there is dust and spray water. 

This is particularly appealing in situations where the cabinet is difficult to access. The resistive screen also allows personnel to operate whilst wearing work gloves.

The key benefits of the RTD

Ready to use – The Remote Touch Display is a plug-and-play solution that can be connected to the easyE4 base device using a commercially available RJ45 Ethernet cable. No programming is required, saving you time during commissioning!

Small and Subtle - This application is small in size with an attractive design, the ‘easy’ Remote Touch Display can be integrated into new and existing systems very easily and has minimal space requirements.

Great value for money - Whether as an individual device or as part of a starter package, the Remote Touch Display provides an attractively priced visualization solution for the cost-effective control solutions in the easyE4 series.

Bring colour into play! - The display and operating elements of the easyE4 base device are replicated in colour on the full-colour display of the RTD. Over 65,000 available colours make it possible to display text, values, parameters, and even graphics. This makes it easier to quickly ascertain the status of the device.

Well protected – Due to the front having a degree of protection IP65, the RTD can also be used in environments with dust and spray water without any issues. The resistive screen allows the device to be freely operated while wearing work gloves

easySoft 7

Easy Soft

Eaton’s easySoft7 is simple, intuitive, and convenient and makes programming devices quick and easy.

This user-friendly software makes circuit diagrams to be created and adapted easily via a PC or directly on the easyE4 device. Providing users with a choice of four programming languages (EDP, LD, FBD, ST), Eaton’s easySoft7 reduces the need for in depth training.

The easySoft software supports the Modbus RCP client function of the easyE4 which enables the flexible use of the control relay as a client or server. In addition, the easySoft supports SmartWire-DT system.

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