Eaton Easy

Whether it’s about temperature control in the food industry, simple control tasks in machine-building applications or lighting control in buildings – Eaton’s easyE4 programmable relay makes implementing control tasks even easier, more convenient, and faster.

Core features:

  • 12/24 V DC, 24 V AC and 100-240 V AC/DC versions
  • Up to 11 local I/O expansion modules per easyE4 
  • Integrated web server for remote control and visualisation 
  • Automatic email notifications in case of any deviations within your application 
  • Push-in clamp and screw-terminal versions 
  • Various communication options via the Ethernet interface: easyNET Modbus TCP (client or server) and SmartWire-DT master

Eaton’s easyE4 relay and the input/output expansion modules are available with DC, AC and UC (universal) voltage, which makes them ideal for use in building or machine building applications. With up to 11 expansion modules, the easyE4 can be expanded to max. 188 inputs/outputs.

The easyE4 expansions can be mixed and combines as requires and thanks to the clever plug-in technology these expansion modules can be quickly connected or replaced.

From planning to maintenance, the Eaton’s easyE4 programmable relay supports you every step of the way.

  • The multi-functional design simplifies planning
  • Programming options that are suited to your needs
  • The various display options allow you see everything at a glance during maintenance
  • Installation and commission are made easy via the expansion modules
  • Quick and easy implemented during operation due to its accuracy and rapid response time.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility, more transparency and time savings that will allow you to devote yourself to other tasks.

For more information on the Eaton’s easyE4, contact your local branch.

Easy SoftEaton’s easySoft7 is simple, intuitive and convenient and makes programming devices quick and easy.  

This user-friendly software makes circuit diagram to be created and adapted easily via a PC or directly on the easyE4 device. Providing users with a choice of four programming languages (EDP, LD, FBD, ST), Eaton’s easySoft7 reduces the need for in depth training.

The easySoft software supports the Modbus RCP client function of the easyE4 which enables the flexible use of the control relay as a clint or server.
In addition, the easySoft supports SmartWire-DT system.

For more information on Eaton’s easySoft click here >>>