puls-bannerFor system engineers, reliable power is non-negotiable. A power supply failure isn't just inconvenient, it's costly and disrupts your entire workflow. That's why choosing a durable, long-lasting DIN rail power supply is an investment in your project's success.

The secret to a power supply's longevity lies in its electrolytic capacitors. These hardworking components are sensitive to heat, and higher temperatures shorten their lifespan. So, keeping your power supply cool is key to maximizing its performance.

Here's how you can achieve that:

Prioritize efficient power supplies: Less energy wasted means less heat generated. Look for high-efficiency models to keep things cool from the inside out.
Ensure proper ventilation: Don't crowd your power supply! Give it room to breathe, free from dust and obstructions that can block airflow.
Monitor temperature: Keep an eye on your power supply's temperature. Consider installing dedicated sensors or opting for models with built-in thermal monitoring features.

By taking these steps, you can extend the life of your DIN rail power supply, minimizing downtime, preventing costly replacements, and guaranteeing reliable power. Remember, investing in quality and preventing problems before they occur is always the smarter choice.

What are PULS DIN Rail Power Supplies?

A DIN Rail Power Supplies is a switched-mode power supply that converts an unstabilized input voltage into a regulated output voltage. Switched-mode power supplies are characterized by their significantly higher efficiency and lower weight as well as a more compact design than linearly regulated power supplies (transformers).

The special feature of DIN rail power supplies is their type of mounting, to which they owe their name. The power supplies are attached to the standardised DIN rail, which is also known as a top hat rail. The term top hat rail (TS 35) comes from its U-shaped or hat-shaped profile.

Within the most industrial applications around the world DIN Rail is mostly found. In many applications, this has become a core component that includes, cabinets, distribution boxes, and machines.

What are the benefits of PULS DIN rail power supplies?





Lower Operating Costs

Easy Operations

More Space in the Cabinets 

PULS units have a very high efficiency of up to 95%. Year after year we see new innovative power supplies enter the market, with it becoming increasingly complex and smaller at the same time.

Furthermore, installing cooling ducts, and short and direct connections to the heat generators are also an option to keep as little heat as possible in the device.


Installing and commissioning PULS DIN power supplies is very easy and can be carried out quickly. The device is simply attached to the DIN rail and is then wired to the mains and load.

Connection options such as spring clamps or push-in terminals allow the power supplies to be installed without tools in just a few seconds


Space inside the device is limited. Their exceptional efficiency minimizes heat generation, allowing for smaller cooling systems and further space savings.

Additionally, their modular design simplifies maintenance and future upgrades. This increases the possible packing density, and the entire system can be reduced in size.


Choose PULS' cool design for a long service lifetime! 

PULS defines "Cool Design" as the interaction of three essential points that lead to low heat generation:

  1. The consistently high efficiency 

  2. Optimized dissipation of heat losses to the surroundings of the device 

  3. A well-planned arrangement of temperature-sensitive components in the unit.

Another essential factor for low heat generation in the power supply is the high efficiency of the unit. The lower energy losses mean that not much heat is generated in the first place, as a result reducing the amount of cooling required. This means that the electrolytic capacitors achieve the service lifetime specified by the manufacturer.

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1-Phase Din Rail Power Supplypuls-cp10-241-2

The 1-phase DIN-Rail power supply systems from PULS are efficient, compact, and reliable. The 1-phase system has many benefits, helping reduce system cost, increasing process uptime, and saving space. 

3-Phase DIN Rail Power Supply 

puls-3phasePULS provides the best solutions for 3-phase DIN-Rail power supplies that are highly efficient and very compact. With PULS AC/DC converter for the 3-phase applications are available with output voltages of 12, 24, 36, 48, and 72. PULS 3-phase DIN Rail power supplies can be used for 2-phase operation.;">


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