SL7 Signal Towers available from CCA Stock


New Signal Towers

Bright, loud, rugged, fast, efficient, versatile, and now the SL7 version is available from CCA Stock...

With their bright LED technology, the new signal towers SL7 and SL4 increase awareness of machine states as well as boosting perceptibility, especially in adverse light conditions.

Signal Towers provide visual and audio signals of machine states.  Mounted on the control panel or the machine itself, their signal can also be reliably recognised and identified at a distance. 

One major advantage of the SL Towers is that each individual module is freely programmable by simply repositioning a wire link, without the need for any additional wiring or tools.

Advantages include:

  • Up to five levels can be actuated separately.
  • Any combination of continuous light, flashing light, strobe light or acoustic alarm is possible.
  • Easy installation method. Plug on the bayonet fitting, turn it slightly - and it's done.
  • Several forms of attachment make SL Signal Towers even more flexible: direct mounting of the base module, spaced mounting with fixing base and spacer tubes, or wall mounting using fixing brackets. 
  • Complete units are available for a wide range of typical applications, making selection easier.

For further information on the SL range of Signal Towers from Eaton, simply click here

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