New Signal Converter Range LCON


Signal converters and isolators usually are 'application specific'. In other words you need to have the right product for the right job.

That's not a problem anymore. The new 6.2mm wide LCON product from Lutze is fully configurable giving you all the standard analogue outputs (0-10V, 4-20mA,etc) from your chosen signal input option.

Just one analogue converter can provide 210 different combinations, covering volts, millivolts, amps and milliamps, all easily selectable by simple DIP switches.  Part Number: 750320.

If temperature is your game, then one product provides 2900 options, converting Type-J, Type-K, Pt100 & Pt1000 to analogue outputs, also selectable via DIP switches.  Part Number: 750340.

And if that doesn't solve your problem, these products are fully programmable via a USB dongle and industry standard software, downloadable for no-cost from the Lutze web-site, giving you almost unlimited programming scaling options.

Take a look at the attached documents for further information on the current/voltage input or the PT, thermocouple, potentiometer input

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