Bernstein Adjustable Safety Hinge Switch

The latest safety hinge switch from Bernstein offers the added benefit of a re-adjustable switching point.

Normally, once the switching point has been set on the SHS, it cannot subsequently be changed.  This obviously ensures a high level of protection against operator manipulation, but in some cases having to replace the SHS is not always necessary.  For example, where slight mechanical deformation of guard doors require the switch point to be adjusted i.e. due to a bump from a fork lift.  With the older version SHS, you would have to remove and replace.  With the new SHS3, you can use the integrated fine adjustment system and adjust the setting of the hinge even after the switching point has been set.

The new SHS3 is reusable, even if the entire system needs to be converted.  Users may re-define the switching point using a modification kit whilst maintaining the protection IP67.


For further details on the benefits of the SHS3, please click here.

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