Image Based Barcode Reader FQ-CR1

Omron has expanded the FQ smart camera platform to include a new image based multi-code barcode reader, FQ-CR1.  Offering all the benefits of the FQ smart sensor - crystal clear images, intuitive set-up and flexible operation - it also has the ability to read a wide selection of 1D and 2D barcodes. With Ethernet connectivity and built-in code verification, the FQ-CR1 offers a versitile and cost effective solution for all your barcode applications.


The FQ-CR1 image based multi-code reader has the ability to read and verify all common 1D and 2D barcodes. Image based readers offer greater flexibility over conventional laser barcode readers, offering the ability to read barcodes in all orientations and positions within the cameras field of view.

The FQ-CR1 is available with 4 FOV models ranging from 10mm up to 300mm and detecting ranges of up to 1m. The set-up of the system is simple and intuitive, allowing easy deployment of the unit for numerous code reading and verification tasks. The added ethernet connectivity feature allows the FQ-CR1 to be easily networked in a factory LAN.

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